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SUTLER. A man whose employment is to sell provisions and liquor to a camp.
     2. By the articles of war, art. 29, no sutler is permitted to sell any kind of liquor or victuals, or to keep his house or shop open for the entertainment of soldiers, after nine at night, or before the beating of the reveillee, or upon Sundays during divine service or sermon, on penalty of being dismissed all future sutling. And by art. 60, all sutlers are to be subject to orders according to the rules and discipline of war.

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From that thread hang several interconnected subplots: V's revenge murders of several prominent figures; Evey's transformation into V's disciple; and the discovery by Inspector Shea that the massive bio-terror attack that led to the rise of Sutler's Party and the permanent state of emergency had been orchestrated by Sutler and his co-conspirators, rather than the "religious extremists" who had been convicted and executed for the atrocity.
The word sutler, a peddler of provisions to armies, comes to mind.
During the War of 1812 he came to Detroit as a sutler in the army.
If these internal failings are symbolized, as some have argued, by Adam's club foot, a condition that keeps him out of the fighting and makes a sutler of him instead of a soldier, it is a system of symbolic events associated with his failure that suggests Adam's ultimate achievement of a vision of life's interconnection, unifying his dream and the reality he discovers.
Her professional self-consciousness as a doctress and business women is redefined in the context of camp-follower and sutler.
For photographic purposes in this article, I fitted the Dixie test gun with a replica leather shoulder sling obtained from The Winchester Sutler, Inc.
June -- An Army encampment June 5-7, with 150 re-enactors at Wentworth Field, featuring demonstrations of black powder, Civil War battles, weapons, a military hospital, a sutler, a concert, and a period-dress ball.
Beginning in September, Todd Sutler, Michelle Healy and Brooke Peters will visit district, charter, and private schools across all 50 states to discover what practices are producing the best results in order to replicate these practices where they are needed most.
Every regiment had to have a sutler to supply whatever the Army didn't supply," Gorgen said.
Britain now exists under the jackboot of a fascist party headed by High Chancellor Adam Sutler (John Hurt).