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n. slang for a criminal defendant's previous record of criminal charges, convictions, or other judicial disposal of criminal cases (such as probation, dismissal or acquittal). Only previous felony convictions can be introduced into evidence. However, the record of "priors" can have an impact on sentencing, as with prior drunk driving convictions requiring mandatory jail sentences, and "three strikes, you're out," providing for extended sentences for the third felony conviction.

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Svedberg will need to be much sharper if he gets the start against one of KHL's top forward lines.
The speed of the economic downturn in Latvia will not be as fast as before, and some growth is possible, or things could remain steady, said Svedberg.
This hypothesis is supported by a study in the thesis that shows that children with cerebral palsy who had cold hands and feet also had problems with constipation, sleeping disorders, pain and impaired well-being," Svedberg said.
Kungsbacka Panio Trio, Jesper Svedberg, Malin Broman, Simon Crawford-Phillips
I'm really nervous," said Svedberg, awaiting her turn.
Luckily, when we explained this to Svedberg, they kindly offered Jane her choice from their latest range, so we were able to pick a suite that was just as pretty, but a lot more practical in such a small area.
The rate of settling allowed the molecular weights of proteins to be determined with reasonable accuracy, and for this work Svedberg was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1926.
There are currently ten Mekanprisma Awards, which are held by Leif Johansson (2009), Lennart Nilsson (2009), Peter Wallenberg (2007), Clas ke Hedstrom (2006), Gunnar Randholm (2003), Knut Jacobsson (2002), Anders Scharp (2000), Gunnar L Johansson (1999), His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf (1998) and Bjorn Svedberg (1994).
Biotech company Cantargia AB reported on Monday the exercise of 1,250 warrants of series 2011/2016 by its former CEO, Agneta Svedberg.
Rask was replaced by Niklas Svedberg, who quickly went from opening the door on the bench to attempting to shut down the Rangers and their third-ranked offense.
Chairman-in-Office Yevgeny Sharov (Ukraine) and staff member of the Office Peter Svedberg.
Svedberg also pointed out that investors had positively evaluated Estonia's prospects for joining the eurozone, which could take place as early as 2011.