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The idea is to bring some of the leading international SWAT teams together to compete as well as to interact with each other and learn new tactics and methods from each other.
Al Marri said the "participating SWAT teams will put on a remarkable display of skill, spirit, enthusiasm, teamwork and intensity".
On several occasions, the SRT has hosted SWAT team training on Fort Bragg, where civilian teams use resources and facilities that they would otherwise be unable to access.
He said the Dubai SWAT team is the emirate's "small army", adding: "The Sharjah officials came to us for help and we dealt with the case.
Semi-automatic rifles, for example, were once reserved mostly for SWAT teams and the military.
In addition to selling equipment, contractors also sponsor training events for SWAT teams, like Urban Shield, a major arms expo that has attracted increasing attention from activists in recent years.
Data show that SWAT teams are being deployed more frequently.
Afterwards, the 21-year-old tweeted: "The swat team screamed in my backyard for him to surrender and he did."
Aguilar added that the device, which is still a prototype, will be tested by SWAT teams and Massachusetts police departments in January after it is finished.
Simply known as "Doc" to his SWAT team colleagues, Lt.
On January 5, Eurie Stamps Sr., a 68-year-old retiree, was shot and killed in his home shortly after midnight by a member of the Framingham SWAT team.