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Caption: The FWB 124 was the first spring-piston rifle effectively to use swept volume to boost power.
If the engine remains below 100 percent output at maximum compressor swept volume, the PLC orders an increase in engine speed.
the ratio between the volume of gas that enters the cylinder (point D to point A) to the swept volume (V1 to V2) is referred to as the inlet volumetric efficiency.
Sabroe Refrigeration A/S, Hojbjerg, Denmark (Fax: 45-86-274408) has launched yet another innovation: the Minisab screw compressor, with models offering a swept volume range from 100 to 1,000 cubic meters per hour.
EMS knows of no other antenna of this swept volume having such high gain.
The large swept volume of the newly designed pump head provides a greater volumetric displacement per revolution resulting in longer tube life and gentle handling of shear-sensitive fluids.
We are creating platforms that enable Swept Volume Display (SVD)-type rendering engines to project on static screens just like our CSpace-type displays," stated Hakki Refai, Ph.
Displacement, VD, is the geometric swept volume of a fluid power device.
A new design in the packed bed and frit placement has resulted in bed volumes as low as 120 nL, while minimizing swept volume, leading to less sample dilution and dispersion.
The six single-stage models offer swept volume capacities from 265 cubic meters an hour for dual-cylinder units to 1,592 cubic meters an hour for 12-cylinder versions.
New Swept Volume Technology: OU's Next Offering for Simple, Full-color, Three-dimension, 360-degree Display Systems