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Tan executed a sworn declaration renouncing her allegiance to the US.
I told her I would be around for more than 20 years and at that age would not want my home to be taken by eminent domain,' Morley said in a sworn declaration.
Apparently taking a cue from her boss, President Muhammadu Buhari's sworn declaration to make the country a hot oven for fraudulent countrymen, the minister's abiding credo seems to be that once corruption and corruptive tendencies are eliminated from the Nigerian financial system, a great proportion of the Nigerian problem would have been removed.
The following input / attach the appropriate point in the CTM system: - Signed sworn declaration as to whether the applicant company has unpaid debts to the public under the Contract Act 135 paragraph.
In her sworn declaration, Patton claimed Thicke abused her during their marriage.
She said in a sworn declaration that Depp "has been verbally and physically abusive to [her]" throughout their relationship.
The couple first needs make a sworn declaration at the court that they are not married.
17 dated April 10, 1987 on the sworn declaration of assets of cabinet members and some categories of public officials.
The Matrix" star wrote in a sworn declaration that he does not know Raus and he is concerned about his safety if she is released.
continued his false claims, saying he didn't know Robinson as 'Destiny' and asserting in a sworn declaration that when approached he didn't recognize the name of the city where his father lived for more than 25 years," the complaint said.
Attached to Pulido's motion was a sworn declaration signed by Cardenas, stating that Pulido was not involved in the dispute that led to the kidnapping and injuries.
Beckloff presented attorneys with possible redactions of Robson's sworn declaration and said that it should serve as a roadmap for what information can be made public, on Thursday.