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Country: USASector: IT/Online Services, Computer SoftwareTarget: Symbiot SecurityBuyer: Chaotic Moon StudiosType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
At this point our nationwide clients are beginning to experience the inherent low cost of service order processing as a result of our Symbiot contract management," states Matthew Glover, vice president of marketing and business development.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Symbiot, a leading provider of intelligent security infrastructure management systems (iSIMS) and risk metrics technology, today announced a significant technical contribution to OpenSIMS, an open source security infrastructure management and collaborative risk metric exchange.
BALTIMORE -- The National Facilities Management and Technology Conference/Exposition (NFM&T) today announced that Symbiot Business Group will be releasing 'The Full Story' CD'S Providing the Keys to Their Exclusive Commercial Service Property Delivery System.
Symbiot Business Group, a consolidator in the Property Services Market, providing multiple property services to over 450 sites across the US in 37 states, announces receipt of $2 million in funding from vSpring Capital and the Rocky Mountain Investors, LLC.
In addition, he has a proven track record of managing growth in new and emerging markets," said Michael Erwin, president of Symbiot, Inc.
Symbiot today announced the general availability of its Intelligent Security Infrastructure Management Systems platform, the next evolution in information security.
Recently, Symbiot Business Group, a national provider of multiple property services, has seen a doubling of its national contracts due to an innovative solution for a common FM dilemma.
While other companies offer only passive defense barriers, Symbiot provides the equivalent of an active missile defense system.