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In SOS algorithm, three phases of the search are performed mimicking the three symbiotic interactions namely mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism phase.
Overall, the three-way symbiotic interaction might confer heat tolerance by inducing different mechanisms than those examined in this study.
This study was carried out to evaluate the symbiotic interaction between Curvularia Thermal Tolerance Virus (CThTV), Curvularia protuberata, and tomato plant (Solanum lycopersicon) in combating drought and high temperature.
1 A) between symbiotic algae and host cells have been the subject of research for decades because they not only provide insights into the basic "tool kit" necessary to establish symbiotic interactions but also are relevant in understanding the resulting evolutionary selection processes (e.
By following this kind of reasoning we will be able to identify both the relevant players and the ecosystem of symbiotic interactions that facilitated the eventual global success of GSM.
She reviewed the normal acquisition of a healthy intestinal microbiota and highlighted the beneficial symbiotic interactions that occur.
The imaging techniques can help to provide important insights, especially into the exploration of symbiotic interactions.
Leah Price's The Anthology and the Rise of the Novel concentrates on the symbiotic interactions of the novel and the anthology in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but in its attention to the ways in which literary genres evolve, it provides a means of thinking about the ways in which new electronic literary forms (for instance, the blog) are adapted from older ones, and also about how older forms get retrospectively transformed when they are appropriated by new ones.