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At one end of the spectrum is the story cycle, in which the stories are tightly connected through a common theme, character or setting; at the other is the collection in which a motif provides symbolic links in otherwise disparate stories.
1 enhancements, in addition to S/390 Linux Rescuer, add support for file-level backup/restore of FIFO and device files, expanding the capability of UPSTREAM to protect all existing Linux file types including hard links, symbolic links, owners, single file systems, Reiser file systems as well as ext2, ext3, XFS and remote NFS attachments.
2m centre as a symbolic links to the land and people of Wales.
Other features include resumed transfers, FXP (server-to-server) transfers, Local and remote prompt command, anti-idle tool, symbolic links resolution, and a convenient FTP address book.
Managing components - AccuRev support for componentization through symbolic links and crosslinks, as well as full support for moving and renaming files and directories, facilitates a higher degree of reuse at ReadSoft.
In addition to the new UI for all platforms, IntelliJ IDEA is now a better citizen on all of its supported platforms than ever, with many platform-specific features added such as Mac OS X Lion full-screen support or drag-n-drop and symbolic links support on Linux.
This coinciding of religious holidays invites reflection on the symbolic links between the Passover and Easter celebrations and the historical bonds between the Jewish and Christian religions.
New cross-stream links, cross-platform symbolic links, and workflow additions to change packages allow development teams to organize monolithic software architectures into independently versioned components and conduct component-based development in parallel with ground-breaking ease of administration.
But their status remains a sensitive issue due to their symbolic links to Japan's imperial system and militarist past.

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