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There was no joint communique; a small statement by Pakistan's Foreign Office lacked substance and was round about; while the US State Department's comments indicated that there was not even a symbolic shift in the longstanding US policy towards Pakistan and this region; mostly previously held US positions were re-emphasised.
Here she grasps for the literal, repudiating the discourse of tropes upon which the symbolic order is founded (Bronfen, 1992: 249).11 Her intensity of feeling does not preclude carnivalesque deflation of imperial grandeur: she visualizes Maximilian crowned with his own intestines (328) and imagines dragging him around the street like the "buey gordo del carnival" (477).
Though significant progress continues to be made in symbolic reasoning, it is clear that the power available to process vast amounts of data--even at high data rates--has enabled practical deployment of machine-learning techniques and resulted in a wide diversity of successful applications from speech recognition and face recognition to self-driving cars.
This could also be observed in the Kuria groups--written documents and by-laws carried strong symbolic significance and served to legitimize the groups within the local political hierarchy, but offered little formal recourse for disputes.
The first Internet domain name "" is registered by Symbolics, a Massachusetts computer company on March 15, 1985.
One of the great successes of Samson Agonistes is its political symbolics of the hyena.
More than mere symbolics, however, what marks both presidencies is their use of the contingencies of warfare to radically strengthen the powers of the executive branch--an American political initiative that has been pursued through much of the past fifty years; and in the nineteen-sixties and the first decade of the twenty-first century, that initiative was pursued with especial urgency.
(1.) The familiar standard imperial title tenno was, however, "in disuse between 1200 and 1840" (Herman Ooms, Imperial Politics and Symbolics in Ancient Japan: The Tenmu Dynasty, 650-800, Honolulu, HI: U.
On the account above, the symbolics of nature, the encounter with the alien, and the exploration of religion as a locus of meaning for individual existence collectively debar American novels from inclusion in the genre.
(FSI), Mortgage Closing Associates, Symbolics Financial Systems and Computer Organized Mortgage Packaging Systems (Comp Systems) were among the big names of the day.
"The Symbolics of Presidentialism." In Our Monica, Ourselves: The Clinton Affair and the National Interest, eds.
The peculiarities of SSJ100 MSN 95015 livery are the corporate colors of new Customer and the OSukhoiO symbolics. Leading aircraft developer and manufacturer, design bureau OSukhoiO celebrates its 75-th birthday in July 2014.