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Surgery is considered when obstructive symtom develops.
Disease may transform into the systemic type in 15-30% of the patients symtoms continue in the adulthood (11).
A meta-synthesis of women's symtoms experience and breast cancer.
Frequency and severity of vasomotor symtoms among peri and postmenopausal women in the United States.
Zadeh and Lateef (2012) also suggested that cognitive behaviroal interventions are effective in dealing with depressvie symtoms in Pakistani young women.
Also, about 40% of patients with OCD experience some reduction in symtoms after treatment with these drugs .
Sexual and psychological symtoms in climacteric years.
In addition, the attitude of helatcare workers and lack of confidence in physicians as well as the level of stress, perception of lonileness and levels of showing psychological symtoms are also effective in seeking psychiatric support (20,21).
Palestinian national Sherin Al Falah won for her research proposal which aims to spare cancer patients the pain and agony of losing their hair, fatigue and many other symtoms that are caused by anti-cancer drugs.
He was hospitalised in another hospital for these symtoms and treated with intravenous ceftriaxon for 9 days.