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Summary of the Data Sources That Are Currently in the Data Repository of the Alberta Real Time Syndromic Surveillance Net Data Data Source Description Characteristic Health Link calls Selected telephone calls Syndromic to Health Link Alberta Emergency Visits to the emergency Syndromic, department visits department of six local diagnostic hospitals and three urgent care centres School absenteeism Student absenteeism Syndromic records of 250 elementary schools Laboratory reports Laboratory test results Diagnostic of notifiable diseases Forms Online data forms Syndromic, Diagnostic Data Source Data Elements Health Link calls Call date and time, protocol, disposition (i.
Katherine Yih was part of a team working with the National Bioterrorism Syndromic Surveillance Demonstration Program, an initiative mounted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in collaboration with health care organizations covering more than 20 million people across various states.
KFL&A public health officials monitored the MSS alongside acute care syndromic surveillance data throughout the outbreak.
Draft Framework for Evaluating Syndromic Surveillance Systems for Bioterrrorism Preparedness.
Collection of real-time data through syndromic surveillance systems may address this limitation in the future.
The RHIO will also integrate syndromic surveillance into its HIE, the first of a number of planned public health functionalities.
Syndromic surveillance for influenza in two hospital emergency departments.
Meaningful use criteria categories for certified EHRs such as referrals, patient health information, discharge instructions, clinical summaries and reminders, public health immunization registries, syndromic surveillance and summary of care record for patient empowerment and care coordination are encompassed within the capabilities of Direct.
Syndromic surveillance is an emerging field developed in response to the threat of bioterrorism.
In addition to those markets, Crossflo targets the state, regional and local components of health information exchanges (HIEs) to enable hospitals to link state-wide data sources into a near real-time syndromic surveillance program.
Syndromic surveillance offers a useful adjunct to diagnosis-based disease surveillance in developing countries (16) and has recently been successfully implemented in the Pacific region (17).
10 states do not have an electronic syndromic surveillance system that can report and exchange information to rapidly detect disease outbreaks;