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SYNOD. An ecclesiastical assembly.

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The synod now underway in Rome, focusing on the bishop's role, has likewise offered important contributions.
Before the bishops gathered from April 23 to 27, several had contacted the church's national office in Toronto, concerned that the costs of attending the 2007 General Synod in Winnipeg were higher than in previous years.
A number of dioceses are voicing concerns about the increased cost of attending General Synod 2007 in Winnipeg, with some saying they may have to cut the number of delegates they send.
On the heels of the first It's Your Call Sunday in January 2004, more than 75 per cent of Eastern Synod congregations participated and more than 70 names of potential candidates for ordained or diaconal ministry were forwarded to Synod.
The Federation is focused on getting General Synod 2007 "to vote to stay within the Anglican Communion," said Ms.
This question emerged as a central part of the debate last June as delegates to General Synod, the triennial governing convention, struggled to decide whether to allow dioceses to offer blessing ceremonies to gay couples, thereby liberalizing church attitudes toward homosexuals.
The reading, however, was delivered in 15 languages by synod members scattered throughout the 19th-century Christ's Church Cathedral in Hamilton, Ont.
To avoid the deliberate divisiveness of allowing same-sex blessings without national discussion on the matter, as the diocese of New Westminster discovered, appropriate recommendations would be brought from the Eastern Synod assembly to the July 2005 ELCIC Convention in Winnipeg for debate.
In the end, what did happen is that the synod voted for a short-term primate; a safe option in a confusing time in the church.
General Synod gave second reading to an amendment to Canon XXI (the church's marriage canon or law) allowing each diocese to decide if it wants to make the parish priest the decision maker or continue with a matrimonial commission.
Bishops do not get another chance to choose the primate at General Synod, unless the synod fails to elect a primate and appeals to the house of bishops for additional nominees.