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SYNOD. An ecclesiastical assembly.

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She was ignored, but at earlier synods, she would have been sent home in disgrace.
It is now available for use in congregations and synods as a means of connecting the power of the biblical story to life's journey.
It isn't enough to simply reduce the number of synods," said MCC member Jim Wilson of Scioto Valley Presbytery, "but to streamline the mid council system.
I may be in the minority, but I truly enjoy General Synod meetings.
All synods have regional staff, though Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario currently sit vacant).
The Saskatchewan Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) took a historic step in electing Rev.
This development of contesting non-ordained pastoral workers was one of the reasons which led Pope John Paul II to call a national Synod of Dutch bishops and Vatican cardinals in Rome in 1980, a Synod which, as far as I know, has remained fruitless.
The year between the synods, the statement said, "should take the path already done as a starting point and take this special opportunity to study issues and promote discussion at the level of episcopal conferences, finding the means and the tools necessary to further involve also the different ecclesial bodies in the synodal reflection on the family"
In an interview, Bishop Atagotaaluk said the decision by the synods of the dioceses of Ottawa, Montreal, Niagara and Huron to ask their bishops to give clergy permission to bless homosexual marriages "kind of let us down from trusting that we had a process that everybody can work with.
In short, the goal is to raise the trust level among all the people and to experience not just good congregations but great congregations, not just good synods but great synods.
Norman Kansfield, 65, was tried at the RCA's General Synod in June and was fired from his teaching post and suspended from the office of minister until he repents for his actions.
The ELCA is organized into 65 synods, each headed by a bishop.