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And long-term exposure to synthetic dyes - first discovered in 1856 by an English chemist, William Henry Perkin - has been linked to cancer and other illnesses.
Decolorisation of synthetic dyes and textile wastewater using Polyporus rubidus.
Effluent discharged from dyeing units contains high concentration mixture of synthetic dyes along with organic and inorganic chemical substances [8].
We're going to turn up the heat on companies that use synthetic dyes, such as Red 3 or Yellow 5, which trigger hyperactivity or inattention in some children.
Laccase enzymes are multi-copper oxidases mainly produced by fungi, and have the ability to oxidize various phenolic compounds and discharge of synthetic dyes which considered toxic, carcinogenic, neurotoxic and mutagenic for human and environment.
From a total of 37 samples of SJW herb, dry extracts and commercial products tested in this study, approximately 38% were proven inauthentic either due to ad-mixture of synthetic dyes combined with an uncharacteristic flavonoid pattern (approximately 22%) or by exhibiting an uncharacteristic flavonoid pattern only (approximately 16%).
Determination of synthetic dyes in selected foodstuffs by high performance liquid chromatography with UV-DAD detection.
I begin by examining the colonial discourse on the ascension of synthetic dyes and its ambiguous reception.
com, "Kraft foods, for instance, recently launched an advertising campaign patting itself on the back for silently replacing the synthetic dyes in their mac & cheese (yellow 5 & 6) with curcumin, the powerful golden hued polyphenol that comes from the ancient Indian healing spice turmeric.
Come January, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese will deliver to consumers a new pasta--one whose day-glow hue is derived not from synthetic dyes but from naturally colorful spices like paprika and turmeric.
5] Synthetic dyes are more efficient but have been reported to be hazardous to human health, thereby resulting to the cutback in their usage.
Synthetic dyes have toxic properties that cause serious health and environmental problems throughout the apparel supply chain, from water pollution to human health hazards.