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Vendors of log management systems are working to resolve many of the issues raised in this year's survey but in the meantime, IT staff members need to take it upon themselves to learn about their systems and the value of their log data (see our Addendum: Understanding Syslog Data).
Commercial firewall analysis-and-reporting solutions are available to help security administrators convert their cryptic syslog messages into meaningful, easy-to-understand information.
Through appropriate management of Event Log and Syslog files, organisations can be safe in the knowledge that they do not fall foul to regulatory compliance penalties.
Aanval[R] is the industry's most comprehensive Snort, Suricata, and Syslog Intrusion Detection, Correlation, and Threat Management solution used by over 6,000 customers worldwide including government security, defense organizations, technology corporations, financial services organizations, energy companies, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, biotechnology manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, utility providers, and many others.
Seamless Syslog support - Event Archiver chronicles Syslog messages directly to ensure robustness in even the most heterogeneous environment
Prism Microsystems, a leading provider of comprehensive SIEM solutions for the midsize enterprise today announced the general availability of EventTracker syslog.
The project is an advocate and early adopter of open standards, including the syslog RFCs developed by the IETF and the Common Event Expression (CEE) message-description standard of the MITRE Corporation.
5 firmware supports Mac OS X Lion & Time Machine, Antivirus, Syslog Server alongside many other useful new features.
Enhanced virtual datacenter monitoring, improved Syslog and trap handling, and a redesigned website make Orion NPM version 10 the best network monitoring tool available.
The OIF Control Plane Logging and Auditing with Syslog IA defines the protocols, record types, data structures, and fields for log files generated by a Network Element (NE).