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National Treasurer Rosalia de Leon said the outcome of this week's T-bill auction was expected.
On the other hand, the government in the Wednesday's T-bill auction did borrow funds much above the target as the auction attracted participation of Rs953bn.
The 365-day T-bill was awarded the full P6 billion, with bids amounting to P20.885 billion.
Furthermore, bids for the one-year T-bills amounted to P46.15 billion or almost eight times the original volume of P6 billion.
With the change of the tick size, prices of financial instruments (excluding Debt and T-bill securities) traded on Bahrain Bourse will be determined with a greater precision.
Bids accepted for the 182 and 364-day T-bills failed to meet the target with CBK collecting Sh4.34 billion and Sh2.61 billion of the Sh10 billion offered under both facilities.
LAHORE -- The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) conducted an auction on Wednesday in which it sold Treasury Bills (T-Bills) worth Rs1,334.16 billion for 3 and 6 months.
Record T-bill issuance in 2017 helped support the Central Bank of Nigeria's strategy to maintain naira exchange-rate stability.
"The improved liquidity environment manifested itself in this week's T-Bill auction with an oversubscription of 138 per cent.
It added that the government will trim down the T-Bills from present collections of Rs.
The floating dividend rate applicable to the Series AL Preferred Shares for the quarterly period beginning on December 31, 2016 is 0.58907% (annual rate of 2.389% based on an initial T-Bill Rate of 0.509%).
Global Banking News-April 6, 2016--Qatar central bank sells T-bills