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Without many hours of practice both as a participant and as a T-Group facilitator, much about the workings of T-Groups will remain somewhat abstract and inaccessible.
We have yet to launch a T-Group process that did not meet with initial and sometimes protracted resistance.
It is hard to explain, with any modicum of precision or clarity, what the participants will learn from an extended T-Group experience.
Knowing that we never can give very satisfying answers to these angry and frustrating inquiries (although we keep trying), we rely more on a plea to "willingly suspend disbelief" and trust us that something good will ultimately come chucking out of the T-Group meat grinder.
The frustrations that group participants experience in the early T-Group iterations often mirror frustrations that are "on the surface" in other group venues in their lives.
As group members become more comfortable with their T-Group sessions, and replace resistance to the group encounters with buy-in, they begin to notice patterns of behaviors--their own and those of their fellow participants--that contain important information.