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The taboo against discussing this material is very strong.
She built the argument that taboo (a stringent norm - that is unbreakable) not only constraints the behaviour of nuclear weapon states but also constitutes their identities and interests as civilized nations.
From purchasing a sanitary napkin, to skipping school, the taboo is taking a toll on the lifestyle of women.
It is difficult for brands, to tackle a taboo subject
this category consists of some words which are neutral but they are considered taboo if one uses as swear like pig in English/khenzir in Yemeni/ (khuk in Persian), dog/kalb in Yemeni/(sag in Persian), Jews/yahoodi in Yemeni/ (yahudi and johud in Persian).
He added that traditionally, monthly periods were kept secret "but today for the good of our children let's break the silence and stigma surrounding menstruation, let's break taboos and start talking to our children about menstruation management so that they can complete their studies and keep themselves clean." The state minister of social development, Paska Hifita, called on parents to take up responsibility in meeting the sanitary needs to their daughters by putting aside some of their income.
Asking them why they believed it was taboo to raise twins, the journalists got a troubling response.
Finally, a comparison is made between the met heuristic taboo search for routing order preparation, regarding the use of the management rule PLPC store product (farthest to the nearest route point position closer to the starting point) for the management of a warehouse for agribusiness products of packages of coffee, in order to improve the efficiency of the operation.
He says the prime minister has broken a taboo with use of the word Kurdistan and carried out a silent revolution.
Dr John-Henry Clay, lecturer in early medieval history at Durham University, will be giving a talk tomorrow at 11am on food taboos at Newcastle's Blackfriars restaurant.
Abolishing the Taboo is structured around chapters on these four areas, an approach that allows Jones to explore the interrelationship between military strategy and broader economic concerns.
He had an absolute right to do that as a person occupying a political post, but now, when that taboo is broken and this