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Tacts can be difficult to teach under naturalistic teaching arrangements because the naturally occurring consequence for tacting is attention or praise, which may not function as a reinforcer for many children with ASD (LeBlanc et al., 2006) and it may be more difficult for practitioners to contrive naturally occurring opportunities for tacting.
The main goal was to find out whether probing the selection after each pairing phase, instead of the tacts, would affect the emergence of the intraverbals (see Fig.
Barbera and Kubina (2005) were able to explore transfer procedures for teaching tacts to a 7-yearold child on the spectrum, which resulted in vast increases in tact acquisition over baseline.
A single object can have multiple tacts. For example, a speaker may emit tacts for a ball that include tacts of its form (e.g., "It's a ball!"), its function (e.g., "You play with it."), its feature (e.g., "It's round."), and its category (e.g., "It's a toy.") (Partington & Sundberg, 1988).
(2005) investigated the functional independence between mands and tacts in five typically developing preschool children, using assembly tasks with cubes and puzzles.
Ross & Greer (2003); Tsiouri and Greer (2003) were successful in inducing first instances of echoic and independent mands and tacts in children with no functional vocal (echoic or independent) communication.
(2007) study, (b) Tacts of each opposite property presented in pictures; for example, saying, "Empty" in the presence of the picture of the empty jar.
As most membrane bound compartments establish networks of tact sites with their neighbors, we anticipate that the findings of our proposed ERC research on the ERMES complex will set a framework for deciphering the entire intracellular interorganelle network.
Some SLPs may assume that children who are taught the labels (tacts) for objects, will mand the objects they want.
While used in nearly every industry segment, tact switches are found primarily in industrial controls, appliances, consumer electronics and computer peripherals.