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(52), we simulate the amplitude [A.sub.[epsilon]](vt) and phase [[phi].sub.[epsilon]](vt) of the voltage induced in the TCR antenna respectively when v = 240 km/h and 360km/h, and analyze [A.sub.[epsilon]](vt) and [[phi].sub.[epsilon]](vt) when the train passes through the same position (x = 620 (m)) of the same JTC with different velocities, as shown in Figure 17.
In January 2012, another historic event occurred thanks to the cooperation between NHRC, the Immigration Department and local civil society engagement by TCR. The first group of stateless children and their family was release from immigration detention.
The TCR is one f the most successful solutions in the ield of cash deposit and withdrawal,globally.
"We joined TCR as one of the proactive steps we are taking as a corporation to assess the impact we have on the environment and mitigate it in the long term," said Ken Dahlberg, SAIC chairman and chief executive officer.
To TCR, the Internet is the great leveler, allowing it to compete in a crowded marketplace and reach the universe of purchasers.
The TCR consists of a heating zone above a loading and quench zone, with an actuator that raises and lowers samples between the two.
Conte is responsible for overseeing all of TCR's construction activities in the Mid-Atlantic region.
The wide web foil makes laminate with TCR foil more affordable for board manufacturers, Gould said.
(TCR), New York, and Cerebus have purchased all the former U.
The specimen was sent to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, DC, for T-cell receptor (TCR) gene rearrangement studies.
T Cell Receptor (TCR) recognition of immunogenic peptides bound to major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules leads to T cell activation and a variety of effector functions.
The certification, in fact, grew out of VPI's existing quality program, known as Total Customer Responsiveness (TCR).