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For instance, VanWinkle (1959) reported on this inclusion as a means for better equipping CTs with information that would further the goals of the TEP. In contrast, recent calls for this inclusion of CTs may reflect issues of power (Graham, 1999) and the value of CTs' perspectives to improve instruction in TEPs (Kahn, 2001).
In the TEP repair, the hernia site is accessed via the preperitoneal plane without entering the peritoneal cavity.
In 1993 the laparoscopic total extra peritoneal (TEP) approach was reported by McKernan6.
This could mean an amalgamation of materials to garner the best finish, for reasons including cost, structural needs and weight demands," commented John Newbold, TEP's Managing Director.
La suma de las respuestas genero un resultado de 56 a 250 puntos, se tomo como punto de corte para riesgo de TEP un puntaje [mayor que o igual a] 113 puntos, este punto de corte se calculo con base en los percentiles obtenidos en cada una de las dimensiones.
The repeated TAPP and TEP repairs were performed in a standard fashion.
Bosch also offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the TEP, which contains everything a Service Partner needs for the development of a retrofit automotive telematics solution.
TEP anticipates filing a forest biomass proposal with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) in 2019.
The merger agreement has been unanimously approved by the board of directors of TEGP's general partner, the conflicts committee of the board of directors of TEP's general partner and the board of directors of TEP's general partner.
The Textile Engineers of Pakistan Private Limited (TEP) was established in 1949 as subsidiary of Platt UK with the aim to provide complete textile solutions.
The three cases presented here demonstrate management of an aspirated TEP in the ambulatory setting with flexible bronchoscopy and local anesthetics, avoiding general anesthesia and the associated risk factors and costs.