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Although the use of LCGreen can improve the determination of amplicon Tms, it will not eliminate the need for 3 dissociation analyses to be performed, because the primary source of variation stems from the Tm-probe measurements rather than those of the amplicons.
By use of the addition of a Tm-probe in combination with a curve-fit method (GcTm) and repeated measurements to determine Tms of amplicons, we have improved Tm precision from [+ or -]0.36 [degrees]C to [+ or -]0.12 [degrees]C (with a 95% confidence interval).
At the request of several users, we have built these canned statements into TMS. When checking the boxes in section 12.b, medical services of the ITO, screens will automatically appear allowing the user to select the appropriate medical coverage statement to add to the remarks section.
TMS Lite is a new feature designed to help novice users or those with small training programs who do not need to access TMS often, but still must use TMS to accomplish their mission.
Baker of the University of Sheffield and his colleagues reported the first success at triggering brain cells with TMS. The principle behind TMS is relatively simple.
TMS devices today create magnetic fields with strengths up to 2 Tesla, about 40,000 times the Earth's natural magnetic field.
Other useful modules include the TMS Estimated Tax module for forecasting tax liability and the Revenue Agent Review module for managing its tax audits.
Citicorp's tax department uses TMS through a LAN on 486 machines with varying processing speeds.
Clearly this indicates that the TMS does fill a gap in the existing technology.
Moving on to consider the shear rates found in practical processing operations we can see how (figure 1) the TMS does cover a wide and useful range.
This allowed DISAM to overcome Y2K problems with previous versions and to add in several new functions that were not available in previous versions of the TMS software.
* Advanced SAO TMS Techniques: One half day of lecture/discussion/exercise on getting the most out of your existing software.