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The gins come with shimmers, glitters, and bright colours which come alive when you add tonic water.
The key factors driving the market for wellness tonics include rising health concern and awareness towards health benefits of wellness tonics.
Mr Mahatme, co-owner of Lixir Tonic, said: "Jordan and I saw an opportunity in the market to create flavourful tonics that could be used with a variety of spirits.
But their Aromatic Tonic, made with 'South American angostura bark' was beautifully, mouth-filling, mouth-grippingly (that is a word) bitter, yet well rounded and with a sort of floral, almost medicinal hit.
ACHESHIRE-BASED drinks company is finding support from the University of Chester to be just the tonic for its growing business.
Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic Add spirits and syrup into a shaker with ice.
Gin-Tonic Courtesy of Alexandre Gabriel1.6 ounces, Citadelle gin, 200 ml Fever Tree tonic (about 6.5 ounces, and usually the size of a small bottle provided at the bar), lime or lemon skin (for just a little oil from the peel; not the full wedge), grated nutmeg, star anise, or cinnamon stick in a large tumbler, stir together gin, tonic and ice.
Besides plasmids and tonics, the game features conventional weapons such as a shotgun, machine gun, spear gun and more.
Although Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is considered a liver tonic, this common weed can have a remarkable effect on a woman's menstrual cycle.
A herbalist can devise a tonic for an individual's needs but over-the counter tonics include Floradix which can be bought at health food shops and contains absorbable iron plus the B vitamins.
The Valencian Orange, which made its debut only last year, has also just secured top spot at the prestigious Bartenders' Brand Awards 2019, where Fentimans' new Oriental Yuzu Tonic also won a top rank.
An enterprising pair ofNewcastle University graduateshave set out to refresh the growing beverage market with the launch of a new brand of tonic water.