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Navis was recognized with the TOS Technology company of the Year Award, which recognizes the Terminal Operating Systems software company that has brought the most innovative TOS software to the market.
Four months after the TOS diagnosis, radiographic evidence of bone union was visible, and the Knowles pin was removed [Figure 4]a and [Figure 4]b.
TOS of plasma was measured using a novel automated colorimetric measurement method for TOS developed by Erel (8).
Such is the value of an Objectivist periodical and website with the clarity, depth, and breadth of TOS.
The need for an ultra-efficient TOS is illustrated when Martin Bottoms, deputy senior manager container terminal operations, reveals the huge increase in activity at the port: "In 1998, during a four week period, we handled 29 vessels and 14,000 containers manually.
The major disadvantage of TOS is the risk of scar dehiscence and rupture with subsequent increased maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality.
In another incident, in October 1955 two Arab soldiers of the TOS were killed during an operation to evict Saudi forces that had been occupying Al Buraimi Oasis since 1952.
We hypothesised that brachial plexus anomalies, alone or in conjunction with additional pathology, are almost always associated with neurogenic TOS.
The answer is that TOS agreements are complicated and take considerable time to read and understand.
True neurogenic TOS is a very rare condition and is seen more commonly in female population (3).
Na idade de 8 anos, os grupos apresentam diferencas em TOS I, TOS VI e Media de TOS, com valores superiores para as meninas.
Project Implementation manager Tamer Kosber said: "With a QR19mn investment in TOS, Doha Port performance will be better, operations will run more smoothly and efficiently, so that we can offer our customers better service".