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n. legal slang for temporary restraining order.

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In its petition to the SC, the ABP argued that the CA has no discretion to stay a decision of the Ombudsman and that the TRO is an encroachment on the rule-making powers of the Ombudsman under the Constitution.
A TRO is not something which you can just give away every time there's a complaint filed.
Because TRO providers combine a host of functions, they likely have strengths and weaknesses, Deviney says.
Never mind that some of the terms had predecisional in parenthesis, we now had details for each term and a helpful listing of TRO responsibilities needed to identify the oversight of three geographically separated battalions.
Secillano said it would be up to the high court to decide on the issue of the TRO on the contraceptive implants.
In the 3 months after the TRO took effect, the area experienced a 38.
According to Galvante, there are at least 300,000 plates already distributed to regional offices prior to the issuance of TRO, which they will distribute to the owners once they are furnished a copy of the decision.
De Castro said she was not even consulted by Sereno before issuing the TRO, which indicated that the resolution was upon her recommendation.
Facing the House justice committee deliberating Sereno's impeachment on Wednesday, De Castro recalled that she wrote to Sereno questioning the chief magistrate for disregarding her recommendation over a TRO in May 2013.
The TRO hasn't been officially received by neither GrabCar nor the LTFRB (Land transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board).