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n. legal slang for temporary restraining order.

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The lifted TRO had frozen proceedings in charges in connection with the ill-planned Jan.
Syempre isusugal nila sa TRO yun, magkano lang 'yun,' Balutan said.
The Taguig court issued a 20-day TRO on July 3 while the Makati court's TRO, which also takes effect for 20 days, was issued last June 28.
Ms Lowery, who represented the Ironbridge Gorge ward until the May election and chairs the Telford Conservative Association, said: "Many local residents feel the parking restriction has resulted in the displacement of parked vehicles which can add to the congestion issues in Dale End, especially at school drop-off times, and the TRO has not positively changed driver behaviours to utilise our nearby car parks.
To recall, the March 12 TRO barred MORE Power from taking immediate possession of PECO's assets despite securing a government franchise as Iloilo City's new power distributor.
"The temporary TRO should ease the pressure by freeing up parking spaces.
TRO can offer several benefits for employers that sponsor more than one retirement plan.
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