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The warden supports two tsops: to read a movie's meta-data and to get a particular frame from a specified track.
OE Solutions will demonstrate the OAM and TSoP Smart SFP[TM] modules at the Futurecom in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 8-11, 2012.
For this board (FIGURE 1), the bridging with TSOP U2 is the result of a very small foot (red) and a very large SMT pad (blue).
Make sure your packing list, which should be part of your TSOP, includes extra Velcro nametapes and insignia as well as a soft cap.
Its associated IBIS model (t27b.ibs), obtained from the Micron Web site, indicates that for TSOP packages, nominal C_pkg = 1.08 pF, and for DQ_FULL I/O buffer C_comp=3.42 pF.
Infineon will offer Mobile-RAM samples both in the new JEDEC-standardized 54-ball FBGA package, and in standard TSOP mounts to simplify system evaluation for customers working with development hardware laid out for the larger package.
Additional benefits of TSOP include faster mold cycle times, improved opportunities for parts consolidation, and excellent stiffness and surface hardness to resist nicks and scratches.
Implementing agency : Ministerstvo na obrazovanieto i naukata po ramkovo sporazumenie na TsOP
Englewood Cliffs, NJ, September 15, 2012 --( OE Solutions and AimValley extend their portfolio of TSoP Smart SFP[TM] modules to include OC-12/STM-4 in addition to OC-3/STM-1 over Gigabit Ethernet.
Applications include BGA, CSP, [mu]BGA, MLF, QFP, TSOP, PLCC, small passives, connectors, RF-shields, shielding frame and flip chip rework.
According to the company, the FM22L16 is a 4Mb, 3V, parallel non-volatile RAM in a 44-pin thin small outline plastic (TSOP) package that features fast access and low power consumption.The FM22L16 is pin-compatible with asynchronous static RAM (SRAM) and targets industrial control systems such as robotics, network and data storage applications, multi-function printers, auto navigation systems and other SRAM-based system designs.