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VIA. A cart-way, which also includes a foot-way and a horse-way. Vide Way.

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Despite their name, TSV 1860 Munich were originally formed in 1848 as a gymnastics club, but a year later the club was banned by the Bavarian monarchy in 1849 due to it being an "institute of moral contamination", according to the club website.
For a defect-free via, the generated wave will propagate through the TSV, reflect from the bottom of the TSV and return to the sample surface where it's detected.
Eight human polyomaviruses have been identified: BKV (13), JCV (14), KIV (15), WUV (16), MCPyV (17), human polyomavirus type 6 (HPyV6) and type 7 (HPyV7) (18), and TSV (9).
Limbusun 3,5 mm gerisinden 2 asamali 23-G TSV sistemi (Dutch Ophthalmic Research Center (DORC), Zuidland, Hollanda) kullanilarak alt temporal, ust nazal ve list temporalden uc adet mikrokanul yerlestirildi.
TOP TEAM: The TSV gym team at rear Emily Radcliffe and front (from left) Hannah Doddy, Ella Hampson and Aimee Smith
UMC's executives says it will work with Elpida on front-end process of TSV 3D chip technology in Japan, make the chip using its 28nm process, with Powertech to handle chip packaging.
As 3-D silicon progresses from stacked die and PoP to TSV, an integrated chip-package-board design methodology is becoming essential for optimizing the system in a way that cannot be achieved with serial design.
The Wolfhound heavy TSV is based on the Cougar 6x6 flatbed made by Force Protection Industries.
Intrernet provider, TSV Group, added 2,624 s/f, expnding its space to 4,704 s/f.
In a multivariate regression analysis of data from 140 infants, 14 of whom were diagnosed with thalamostriate vasculopathy (TSV) on serial head ultrasounds, neonates exposed to at least 50 g magnesium sulfate had a fourfold increase in the risk of TSV, compared with babies with less exposure, study investigator Dr.