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The now tableless HTML5/CSS3 source of every web page on the site passes seven tests of Web 3.0 readiness, including not only basic tests of W3C standards compliance as to content and format but also behavior, accessibility, semantics, syndication and links.
I threw down some towels, poured some coffee, some Strega, went from room to room--two doors on each side of a center hallway, on the right, bedroom and bathroom; on the left a tableless galley kitchen and a spacious studio where life was lived--but I hadn't been working well so of course the rooms were spotless.
They deliver results in the form of search optimized, tableless, W3C validated Section 508 compliant HTML5/CSS3 source with unobtrusive Javascript, jQuery/Ajax and VA4Most(tm) HTML5 video/audio ( along with W3C mobileOK web pages, mobile websites, the mCartSB(tm) mCommerce mini-cart ( and custom cross-platform Mobile Web app development.