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He slammed the regional assemblies as little more than toothless talking shops, without any real powers.
But what do Labour's talking shops actually achieve?
This is the party who is running the Scottish Government on behalf of the Scots electorate and Westminster has painted us no more than a talking shop.
If it was for a manager of a big concern producing export goods and employing hundreds of staff it might be justified, but nothing - only a talking shop.
PITY recently installed transport supremo Geoff Inskipp who admits that when it comes to small talk, he's most likely to find himself talking shop.
Lord Elis-Thomas appears to feel the assembly is a glorified talking shop which does not benefit Wales.
But campaigners for a No vote in November's referendum say an elected assembly will be a talking shop and a Government puppet.
What I fear is we will all have to pay a levy on the Council Tax to fund a talking shop that delivers nothing.
Mr Bradbourn, the Conservative spokesman on regional policy in the European Parliament, said: "A regional assembly would be an expensive talking shop, which would take powers away from local councils and shift power to a remote regional body.
Reading between the lines there's little in the white paper that's encouraging and which suggests a regional assembly will be anything other than a costly talking shop.
TALKING SHOP has two pairs of tickets to give away for any Manchester United game at Old Trafford next season in a
Piecing together Jones' statements and other public statements from S4C we now know with certainty, and for the record, that: * S4C's new media forum is no more than a talking shop with no executive commissioning power, influence or budget.