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Nicely written, rigorously researched, and helpfully illustrated with photographs and engravings of workshops, furniture, and sculpture, Talking Shop demonstrates persuasively an almost-obsessive engagement on the part of major novelists, designers, and businessmen with the idea of "craft" and crafted objects as reverberations (however inaccurate or romanticized) of a more authentic, pre-industrial workmanship.
The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), which is due to meet on Thursday in Doha, has been seen a talking shop that cannot emulate the power of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.
SIR; I was taken aback by the fatuous conclusion of Tara Garnett in Talking Shop that the key to reducing to climate-changing emissions is to rear less livestock and eat less meat and dairy produce (25 November, p59).
Letting CIAM die with the 11th meeting at Otterlo, they formed an organisation of their own that was less a power publicity machine than a talking shop for a group of friends.
Fred Done told Talking Shop yesterday: "I have heard the rumour - it is bollocks, and please put that in the paper.
As an illustration of TV's decline, it was perfect: From the sublime heights of popular entertainment to a depressing talking shop for pseuds and no-marks.
A regional assembly will not bring these things any closer, it won't bring jobs, roads, money or anything else and it will be a talking shop.
This year there was a particular emphasis on Canada, with a total of 12 features and shorts, and the ample presence of Peter Wintonick, who both introduced his films and hosted an open forum entitled Talking Shop.
From humble beginnings, the World Economic Forum has become the premier talking shop, a fixture in the diary of CEOs, politicians, and other luminaries--from pop singer Bono to Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa.
We are determined that it will not merely be a talking shop, but that the Parliament will propose concrete measures".
Catholic moral theologians, accustomed to talking shop primarily to their students and to one another, enjoyed a short but intense heyday in the media spotlight during Operation Desert Storm and again, briefly, during the recent U.
11 ran a dual interview with Reed and George Stephanopoulos, former adviser to President Bill Clinton, dubbing the duo "A Couple of Kingmakers Talking Shop.