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Through publications, best practices, and other materials developed by scientists, engineers and thought leaders on nearly every aspect of tall building construction, the council has established itself as the industry's resource when it comes to planning, designing, constructing and maintaining increasingly sophisticated and complex tall, supertall and megatall structures.
About the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is the world's leading resource for professionals focused on the inception, design, construction, and operation of tall buildings and future cities.
While tall buildings can have a positive role in the city, they must relate to the context of the area, be well designed and sustainable and be close to supporting uses and infrastructure.
Tall buildings are closely connected to our identity and our economy, and are part of what makes New York the greatest city in the world.
At the Awards Symposium in Chicago in November 2015, the project will go head-to-head with four other regional winners as part of the 2015 Best Tall Building Worldwide Award.
The maximisation of floor space is particularly beneficial in the case of a speculative office building with floors to let, which most tall buildings are.
Making tall buildings with different uses in Mashhad city was also widespread from the beginning of 70s with making tall building with hotel and residential apartment uses including making high apartment complex of "600 Buildings".
With this technology we can save lives in 99 percent of all tall buildings in the world," Verstegen states.
The council has also completed a study of tall building trends from 2014 to 2020.
The Council on Tall Buildings counts spires as part of a building's overall height, but not antennas.
On Thursday 7 November, The Shard, western Europe s tallest building, will compete for the title of 'Best Tall Building Worldwide' at an event in Chicago, North America.