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Jones, 100 years of Struggle and Change, AMIEU (Qld.), Brisbane, 1989; Gordon Stewart, 'Enterprise Bargaining in the Australian Meat Processing Industry: The Case of the Fitzroy River Abattoir in Rockhampton 1994-1996', Paper presented at the 12th Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand Conference, Wellington New Zealand, February 1998; and Gordon Stewart, 'The Decline of the Tally System', Australian Bulletin of Labour, vol.
"Race control are to be commended on the speed with which they requested assistance and for an excellent tally system which enabled all personnel to be quickly accounted for.
1-6031, 1973, serves as a kind of counting exercise, while Five, 1973, uses the tally system to generate an abstract field of marks.
However, initiatives to accomplish this will need to reflect the prevailing attitudes towards giving and receiving help: they cannot avoid the desire for some form of payment or tally system when material help is given and received.
THE official death toll from the Twin Towers disaster has dropped sharply with the use of a more accurate tally system.
As participants responded to survey questions, the Quick Tally system instantly tabulated their anonymous answers and projected the results on a screen.
But with our old tally system we were only going through the motions to be able to pay our suppliers.
These ingredients can, however, be weighed and the quantity added can be stored in the tally system for accounting purposes.
Triax Cable, Vision Mixer, Monitors, Audio Mixer, Talk back and Tally System, Character Generator for roll / scroll of titles / credits etc, DVC Pro 50 Recorder, Hum Suppressor, ADA and VDA EMD value : INR 3000 Opening date : 18 Mar 2019
Escudero reiterated his objection to the so-called hybrid elections after the Comelec stated that the Precinct Automated Tally System (PATaS), which would combine manual and automated processes, remains an option for the poll body in next year's elections.
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