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Or tanha should be abandoned because it causes pain (dukkha).
Corresponding Author: Reza Haghparast Tanha, School of Dentistry, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Iran
by Gul Mohammad Tanha on 14 October, 2014 - 14:14 FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): Three children have been killed and five others wounded in a mortar explosion in northeastern Badakhshan province, an official said on Tuesday.
In 2002 he won the MTV Asia Music Award for his album, Tanha Dil.
The potato cyst nematodes have been the subject of external quarantine regulations but the cyst-forming nematodes were found on potato roots in Bahar region in Hamadan province in June 2008 for the first time (Gitty and Tanha Maafi, 2009).
With inputs by Jamshed Malakzai from Jalalabad and Shoaib Tanha in Herat.
Jamshid Tanha and his NRC team have done just that, developing a suite of recombinant antibodies, called single-domain antibodies, capable of binding to TcdA and TcdB, two toxins produced by E.
The numbers that they played included Tanha , the video of which is now doing the rounds on all the Pakistan music channels.
If you master that path, says the Buddha, you will cease your tanha, your craving.
99) Starring: Zekiria Ebrahimi, Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada, Khalid Abdalla, Nabhi Tanha, Homayoun Ershadi, Elham Ehsas, Shaun Toub, Atossa Leoni, Ali Danesh Bakhtyari.
Zekiria Ebrahimi, Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada, Khalid Abdalla, Atossa Leoni, Shaun Toub, Ali Danesh Bakhtyari, Nabhi Tanha, Homayoun Ershadi, Elham Ehsas.
Amir Khalid Abdalla Baba Homayoun Ershadi Young Amir Zekiria Ebrahimi Young Hassan Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada Rahim Khan Shaun Toub Ali Nabi Tanha Sohrab Ali Danesh Bakhtyari Farid Said Taghmaoui Soraya Atossa Leoni General Taher Abdul Qadir Farookh Jamila Maimoona Ghizal Assef Abdul Salam Yusoufzai Young Assef Elham Ehsas