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The ministry said the incident occurred "after receiving information that two alleged militants affiliated to movements linked to the Muslim Brotherhood" are hiding in a field close to the international road between Tanta and Kafr Al-Sheikh.
The opening was attended by the Gharbeya Security Director, the President of Tanta University, and the Governor of Gharbeya, Ahmed Deif Saqr, who praised the bank's utilisation of ''the most advand technology in the banking field''.
Las caracteristicas de la comunidad de Tanta y del habitat de la vicuna se detallan en Area de estudio, mientras que Aspectos metodologicos describe el proceso de investigacion y los metodos empleados.
Tanta Suerte sat back patiently early on, and trailed pacesetter Allswellthatnswell by nearly 10 lengths approaching the quarter pole.
Todo lo cual explica por que el psicoterapeuta Roberto Freire declaro en las pertinentes liner notes: "No creo que exista hoy en Brasil una oomparable obra de tanta calidad y tanta conmovedors belleza instrumental.
On her 70th birthday, Tanta Cohen saw the shadow of the Malach ha-Mavet, the Angel of Death.
Es una forma de agradecimiento a tanta gente que me ayudo.
PharmEng's wholly-owned contract manufacturing subsidiary, has entered into a three-year supply agreement with Tanta Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Inauguration of museum and shrine of martyrs at Saint George Church in Tanta - Photo by Mostafa Adel/Egypt Today CAIRO - 10 January 2018: The bishop of Tanta inaugurated a museum and a shrine for martyrs on Tuesday in Gharbia governorate.
In the aftermath of Palm Sunday's terror attacks on two churches in Tanta and Alexandria, Pope Tawadros II on Tuesday received a delegation from the Vatican, who expressed their condolences on behalf of Pope Francis, the Coptic Orthodox Church reported Tuesday.
BERLIN, April 10 (KUNA) -- The German Foreign Ministry on Monday urged German citizens in Egypt to exercise caution following the two blasts in churches in Tanta and Alexandria on Sunday in which scores of innocent people were killed and wounded.
Two tenders for Conducting the required (a) erection of two refining units at Tanta Factories, also (b) supply of 9 pumps.