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Through these deployments, Tantalus continues to deliver a cost and coverage effective system to the municipal and cooperative utility industry.
Lock up: a Tantalus was a Greek king from mythology who was tantalised with fruit and drink, but was unable ever to reach it.
They were also the inventors of the tantalus, a stand in which spirit decanters may be locked up though still visible.
Now Ms Tantalus must choose between two bitter options: To retire to the desert where there is neither water nor fruit, or to serve as a fig-leaf for an obnoxious coalition.
Tantalus is punished by the Gods for reasons that are not entirely clear.
In a well-to-do household of the past, what would have been stored in a tantalus, and why might it have been locked?
He organizes the chapters thematically, employing the Tantalus analogy to discuss American ideas about history, body, mind, culture, technology, economy, ideas and trauma.
The cycle was to have included Tityus, Sisyphus, Tantalus, and Ixion--only the first two canvases are extant (in the Prado), whereas the composition of the Tantalus is known through an engraving.
Kadare's retelling of the Tantalus myth has Bulgakov's fantastic absurdity; it portrays the Ministry of Death as a vast bureaucracy with its endless forms and hierarchies.
He argues that Marlowe connects the image of Tantalus to that of Icarus and suggests that the writer was frustrated by the lack of opportunities open to graduates.
As a producer himself, he knows exactly how difficult it can be to get a play onto the stage and his diary-style account of his battle to have John Barton's epic ten-part Trojan War cycle Tantalus produced makes it clear that staging anything remotely out of the ordinary is virtually impossible these days.