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In the 1980s, Basinski created a series of analogue, reel-to-reel tape loops consisting of processed snatches of music captured from an easy-listening station.
They may admit that regime change is presently impossible, but that admission simply creates a tape loop in their heads that they cannot stop.
On a booming sound system, they play, over and over, a tape loop of one of his speeches, and hundreds of passersby hear Kucinich declare, "This is going to be an election unlike any election this country has seen since maybe 1968." It's probably not what he means, but 1968 may have been the last time the Oregon primary really mattered.
One station has cheesy DJs near to retirement age with worn-out jokes and phone- in competitions that are like something out of Alan Partridge, whereas another plays what sounds like a continually repeating tape loop of songs from the 1970s.
The need to have a tape loop installed coincided with the happy circumstance of AVA's offer to upgrade the entire Omega line to the new OmegaStar versions.
Some tunes from Big Calm (Morcheeba's best album by a mile), early song Tape Loop, last single Otherwise and the soulful trip- hop classic Part Of The Process carried things along in fine style.
Small hand shapes were cut out, and a tape loop was placed on the back.
The sounds just preceding Donner's death were accidentally recorded on a tape loop; Beauchamp had left on his tape recorder to record silence.
For once there are no Norton Rockets accompanying ANDY JONES but instead a splendid piece of kit - a drum pad connected to a tape loop.
My nearest shop uses a tape loop of monastic Gregorian chants that have the same effect, but which I find rather soothing!
The London geezer continued his labours yesterday, forced to listen to a tape loop of Kylie Minogue's I Should Be So Lucky - while his pals, sipping champers, watched on TV.
This then plays a pre-recorded tape loop of suitable all-purpose answers: "It's a disgrace"; "I loathe him"; and "The country has gone to the dogs" seem to work quite well.