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TARE, weights. An allowance in the purchase and sale of merchandise, for the weight of the box, bag, or cask, or other thing, in which the goods are packed. It is also an allowance made for tiny defect, waste, or diminution in the weight, quality or quantity of goods. It differs from tret. (q.v.)

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La comparacion de las medias de los halos de inhibicion entre las variedades de tara se realizo mediante ANOVA y la prueba Tukey, mientras que la comparacion entre cada variedad de tara y cefoxitina fue mediante la prueba t de student, considerandose como significativos valores p<0,05.
De las cepas evaluadas, 31 oxacilino sensibles y 29 oxacilino resistentes, solo dos cepas no presentaron halo de inhibicion con el cocimiento de tara de Huarochiri y las dos cepas fueron Staphylococcus oxacilino resistentes.
Created exclusively by Tara & Sons for this year's prestigious Academy Awards Presenters Gift Basket, the stunning "Decolletage by TARA" pendant sits on an 18 inch white gold chain and features a large Tahitian natural colored cultured pearl encased in a swirling white gold and diamond motif.