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TARE, weights. An allowance in the purchase and sale of merchandise, for the weight of the box, bag, or cask, or other thing, in which the goods are packed. It is also an allowance made for tiny defect, waste, or diminution in the weight, quality or quantity of goods. It differs from tret. (q.v.)

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Used with the TARE text, the handbook provides alternative explanations, discussions, and examples, which are often helpful when understanding new, unfamiliar, material.
Tare and Dinesh Karthik combined for an impressive 76 from 8.
BRIEF SCORES: Mumbai 380/ 6 ( A Agarkar 113*, A Tare 108*)
Richard Delbridge joined the Board of Tare & Lyle in September 2000.
Tare is almost another word for "zero" because when you hit the tare button the weight on the pan is zeroed out and you can measure differences.
GIANLUCA VIALLI flies home to Italy with his Watford team tomorrow hoping more than ever that Albanian striker Igli Tare will be joining his team soon.
Williams was to Davie an example of the wrong way out of Whitman, the way of lax poetics and mundane subjects, whereas Tare was an example of the right way of American poetry, whether or not it could really be called Whitmanesque, which was historically attuned and metrically refined.
Unlike characters such as Pokemon and Hello Kitty that are lively and colorful and often drawn with the aid of computer graphics, Tare Panda began life as a simple pencil sketch designed to convey a ''heartwarming'' aura.
To qualify, the contract must only provide coverage for qualified long-term tare services and comply with all of the following requirements:
Human Development Index (HDI): A number from zero to one, based on how a country's people tare in terms of life expectancy, adult literacy, and purchasing power (a person's ability to buy food, clothing, and other necessities).
Three late goals in the space of seven minutes from substitute Marco Reich, Bulgarian midfielder Marian Hristov and Albanian Igli Tare gave Kaiserslautern an unconvincing victory over Dublin side Bohemians in the UEFA Cup.
in two existing and any fu tare locations, originating and implementing sales and marketing initatives for the brokerage division.