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The list of items upon which a duty is imposed when they are imported into the United States, together with the rates at which such articles are taxed.

The term tariff is also used in reference to the actual custom or duty payable on such items.


Customs Duties; Import Quotas.


(Bill), noun account, itemized account, list, list of items, money's worth, quoted price, price list, scale of prices, table of charges


(Duties), noun assessment, duty, excise, levy, schedule of duties, tax
See also: duty, excise, fare, imposition, levy, tax


the level of punishment imposed or recommended for a criminal offence.

TARIFF. Customs, duties, toll. or tribute payable upon merchandise to the general government is called tariff; the rate of customs, &c. also bears this name and the list of articles liable to duties is also called the tariff.
     2. For the tariff of duties imposed on the importation of foreign merchandise into the United States.

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Rather making all DISCOs making accountable for all their decisions and finances, government apply uniform tarrif policy.
Strategies and managerial policies adopted by courier services companies during 2009-2012 had as starting point, on the one hand, the analysis of costs and tarrifs evolution, but also inclinations towards increasing the quality and diversity of the sevices delivered.
Algiers and the EU had plans to scrap tarrifs on goods travelling between the two markets begining in 2017, but Algeria hoped to push back the start date to 2020, hoping the extra time would help ease concern among its domestic producers.
Now the customer enjoy low cost mobile connection charges, reduced tarrifs, almost complete coverage area and quality mobile services throughout the country.
The company even has the funding in place to offer PV systems for free, with the costs being absorbed via feed in tarrifs.
rights --Import quotas & Tarrifs Informal --Contracting in trusted --Nepotism (cultural) networks.
After the FIFA executive committee's decision was announced in Zurich, Qatar Telecom (Qtel), the country's largest telecom operator, reduced call tarrifs to 20 key destinations around the world to QR0.
One reason for the delays in getting parts has been the huge demand for solar panels in Germany, where Feed in Tarrifs (FITs) have been in place since 2005.
Beijing accuses the Union of imposing illegal taxes on Chinese shoes, whereas the 27-member bloc argues its tarrifs, imposed in 2006 and extended in December 2009, are a legitimate measure against unfair trade.
Tarrifs for the DataConnect Plan include including a 200MB plan for USD40 per month or a 5GB plan for USD60 per month.
Jordan was the first Arab country to sign an FTA with Washington and is also a member of the WTO and has an association accord with the EU that paves the way for full lifting of tarrifs and customs.