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Nevertheless, the city tax assessor claims to know what religion is and isn't, and he has no use for love and peace.
Scheid, who is president and regional tax assessor for RRG, said other companies are offering revaluation services to communities, but RRG is the only business in the state handling both revaluation and administrative functions, he said, maintaining a daily relationship with client communities.
The County is soliciting Qualification Statements from interested persons and/ or firms for the provision of Maintenance of Tax Assessors CAMA Software - Tax Board Through a Request for Qualification process described herein, persons and/or firms interested in assisting the County with the provision of such services must prepare and submit a Qualification Statement in accordance with the procedure and schedule in this RFQ.
The tax assessment scam has been uncovered last year when it became known that Albert Schussler, a tax consultant to some of the city's most affluent landlords and a former tax assessor, has been bribing former colleagues to reduce the taxes on his clients' buildings.
Tenders are invited for Computer Services for the Passaic County Tax Board DepartmentA certified Mod IV data center provides the County Board of Taxation, the tax assessors and tax collectors with the necessary support to produce the tax list, extended tax duplicate, audit trail-fiscal quarters 1& 2, table of aggregates, county equalization table, county abstract of ratables, added assessment tax list, omitted assessment list, omitted added assessment tax list, roll back tax list as well as tax bills, calendar, added & omitted bills, assessment notices, tenant rebate notices, proof books, exemption audit trails, chapter 441 & uez exempt property listing, property identification cross-reference report, etc.
The impact of the tax assessors corruption scheme with which he was charged cost the city an enormous revenue loss and will hurt the city for years to come.
Local tax assessors are in a unique position to make an initial screening; that is, they are the professional group most capable of judging the importance of the factor of hazardous waste compared with the factors of taxes, community services, the business climate, and other characteristics that affect property values, transactions, and land uses.
Marshall & Swift, a worldwide provider of residential and commercial cost data and estimating software for real estate appraisers, tax assessors, contractors and lenders, announces that the SwiftEstimator(TM), an on-line suite of property estimating applications, now includes eSeg Estimator(TM), a component-based estimating tool.