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ezW2 new edition implements the following form changes according IRS instructions and has been approved by IRS to print 2014 tax forms on white paper.
As you enter data for the questions asked, the answers sometimes appear on a mock tax form. You can choose to go through the program in the forms view.
ezW2 support both tax form paper printing and efile functions.
You'll also find booklets containing returns, related forms and instructions; a listing of publications providing more detailed information on specific topics, such as head of household and tax credits; as well as links to federal tax forms, tax forms for other states, sales and use tax information, employee withholding information and estate tax information.
They can find links to and state Web sites for tax forms, as well as tax software ratings.
We make every effort to issue tax forms and related announcements and notices as early as possible.
W2 and 1099 software provider reminds employers that Jan 31 is the W2 and 1099 tax form mailing deadline to recipients.
* Tax forms for years 1994-02 are available on the FTB's website ( under Forms & Publications.
Tax practitioners, accounting instructors, and taxpayers alike will find the SisterStates Tax Directory ( to be an easy way to access state tax forms and related information.
For example, the Tax Sites section lists Tax Software as a topic; click on it and find more than a dozen subtopics--tools and calculators, tax forms, publications and research, for example.
"It interviews you and instructs you on what to look for (in deductions) and where to put it (on the right tax forms).
Congressional Testimony on Development of Federal Tax Forms by the Internal Revenue Service