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Global Banking News-October 8, 2015--Caribbean banking body wants banks to be removed from tax haven list
Congress can and should take strong action to prevent corporations from using offshore tax havens, which in turn would restore basic fairness to the tax system, reduce the deficit and improve the
2billion over six years, with more than PS48billion of assets stashed in tax havens.
The report also said most tax havens have not ratified or brought into force the Multilateral Convention of OECD.
If you are running a tax haven and seem to be supporting tax avoidance, it's going to create problems for you.
Pinsent Masons Director, Reg Day, commented: "HMRC are stepping up their efforts to track down tax evaders bygetting offshore tax havens to provide more and more information about money being sheltered offshore.
The reason we've [created a pop-up tax haven] is to highlight the ridiculousness of tax havens and the tax dodging that they facilitate," she says.
Reasons To Buy -- Understand the significance of the measures being taken by some nations such as the US, the UK and Germany to tax the offshore concealed wealth of their taxpayers -- Comprehend the impact on wealth management companies whose business is driven mainly by offshore wealth -- Gain insights into the business models that have to be adopted, the inherent strengths that have to be highlighted and the jurisdictions that wealth management companies in offshore tax havens have to focus on to continue to expand their businesses
Tax havens in the EU or under its jurisdiction such as Luxembourg, Andorra or Malta, are facilitating the loss of over 80 billion euro (USD 100 billion) in tax revenues worldwide.
These developments leave David Cameron and George Osborne, staunch defenders of the City of London and Crown Dependency tax havens (which happen to be centres of worldwide money laundering operations), pretty much alone.
Summary: French President Francois Hollande on Wednesday vowed to "eradicate" tax havens "in Europe and the world" as he pursued anti-corruption efforts in the wake of a tax-fraud scandal.
Panorama's report investigates corporate service providers that sell corporate anonymity and access to offshore tax havens.