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QUALIFIED. This term is frequently used in law. A man hag a qualified property in animals ferae naturae, while they remain in his power, but, as soon as they regain their liberty, his property in them is lost. A man has a qualified right to recover property of which he is not the owner, but which was unlawfully taken out of his possession. But this right may be defeated by the owner bring a suit or claiming the property. Vide Animals; Trover.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In ruling that the plan was "tax-qualified," and, therefore, the rolled-over funds were exempt from creditors, the Fifth Circuit determined that the state legislature intended the state courts (and bankruptcy courts applying state law) to defer to the IRS on matters of tax qualification, i.e., to defer to the federal tax treatment of the funds, since tax qualification is a complex, specialized area of the law.
Wood argued that the prohibition applies only to the operation and management of a plan and not to contributions of property to fund the plan, observing that the Code does not even use the term contribution." He also argued that the Code limits "sale or exchange" to transfers of encumbered property and must be interpreted consistently with section 404, which permits tax deductions for non-cash contributions to a tax-qualified retirement plan.
Most policies sold over the past decade met the IRS established tax-qualified standards, Slome notes.
The VCR program is not intended to collect tax; the VCR program is intended to restore plans to a tax-qualified status.
Ever since the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 and subsequent tax laws limited tax-qualified retirement income, companies have struggled to put together benefit packages that would keep executives' post-retirement income at least on par with the benefits of lower-paid employees.
One of the most significant IRS-approved tax advantages is the tax deductibility of tax-qualified long-term care insurance premiums.
The proposed cap on tax-deferred retirement savings would limit the amounts accumulated in specified retirement accounts to what is necessary to provide the maximum annuity permitted for a tax-qualified defined benefit plan under current law.
The new holding company will also offer and sell shares of its common stock to the bank's eligible depositors and tax-qualified employee benefit plans and in a subscription and community offering and, if necessary, a syndicated community offering, in accordance the Plan of Conversion.
28, 2004, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued final regulations (45) implementing a fiduciary safe harbor for automatic rollovers of mandatory cashouts from tax-qualified pension plans.
If the insured needs LTC, both the life insurance benefit and LTC benefit are combined, together providing tax-qualified LTC protection.
Both policies, Gold Coast Advantage and Gold Coast Advantage Partnership, are tax-qualified and provide coverage for care rendered at home, at an adult day-care center, in a residential-care facility or in a nursing home.