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The average taxpayer will find it difficult to effectively use tax-haven entities to defer U.
One consequence of this arrangement has been extensive criticism surrounding tax-haven activities.
Information exchange refers to the willingness of different taxing authorities to share the data necessary for effective enforcement of residence-based taxation, especially data on tax-haven investments.
Tax-haven jurisdictions resist abating their bank secrecy laws because their economies may collapse if they cannot provide investors with secrecy-leveraged tax advantages.
89) The 2000 OECD Report identifies jurisdictions it considers tax havens (90) and lists defensive measures OECD member countries can adopt against tax-haven jurisdictions that do not comply with the Recommendations.
Assuming the true concern with tax-haven activities lies in the acts of money laundering, drug dealing, and terrorism, a less intrusive alternative to the 1998 OECD Report may be an acceptable solution for the United States.
However, this system is effective only if countries can prevent taxpayers from (1) improperly treating income earned in tax-haven countries as derived from exempt countries and (2) artificially shifting deductions from exempt countries to income earned in a tax-haven country.