Teachta Dala

Teachta Dala (TD)

a member of DAIL EIREANN, the lower house of the Irish Parliament.
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answers WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Mikhail Gorbachev; Member of the Royal Victorian Order; New York; 1975 REMEMBER WHEN: 1960 IMPOSSIPUZZLES: The invoice was for PS133.32 WORDWISE: C WHO AM I: Rita Hayworth 10 QUESTIONS: 1 The Fox and the Hound, 2 The Quayside, 3 Tenerife, 4 Birdcage Walk, 5 Joe Cocker, 6 Polynesia, 7 Turkey, 8 French, 9 TD (Teachta Dala), 10 Marathon
Synopsis: Gerard Adams is an Irish republican politician who was the Leader of the Sinn Fein political party between 1983 and 2018 and has been a Teachta Dala (TD) for Louth since the 2011 general election.
But from 1954 to 1957 the university-educated schoolteacher also managed to be a Labour Teachta Dala, a member of the Irish Parliament.
A passionate participant in Ireland's Easter Rising, English spent six months in Galway Jail for possessing nationalistic literature and was elected as a Teachta Dala in 1921.