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To alleviate this situation and catch up with the rest of the world, the SFDA issued an interim regulation on the drafting of technical standards for medical products in 2007.
The term "technical standards" generally "refers to all nonacademic admission criteria that are essential to participation in the program of question." (5) In complying with regulations set forth in the Rehabilitation Act, radiologic technology programs can establish technical standards that students must meet to be successful in the program.
In conclusion, the book is a welcome addition to the sparse literature on detailed studies of the way technical standards are actually formulated.
In 1997, AIIM issued ODMA version 2.0, an application programming interface (API) technical standard that enables different desktop applications (e.g., word processing or spreadsheets) to interface with a single vendor's electronic document management system.
Basing themselves on two of the European Commission's working documents dated 22 May 2007, member states thus confirmed their willingness to implement these technical standards from 2008 via a channel for the transmission of information called CCN-Mail 2.
Leading wet glue label printing specialist, Buckleys, has achieved the British Retail Consortium (BRC) /Institute of Packaging (IoP) Technical Standard for companies manufacturing and supplying food packaging materials for retailer branded products.
The BRC and IOP outlines the technical standard for companies manufacturing and supplying food-packaging materials for branded and retailer products.
In this context, the state through the MRD will allow suppliers of public procurement free online access to the technical standard ?SN EN 16931-1: 2017, which is necessary for this purpose.
In line with the EFSIS Standard, the Quality Trout Processing Standard also incorporates the requirements of the British Retail Consortium's Technical Standard.
Law Laboratories (LawLabs), the independent consultant and laboratory servicing the food and non-food industries, has been awarded UKAS accreditation for the certification of food packaging manufacturers to the British Retail Consortium Technical Standard. The Standard is for companies manufacturing and supplying food packaging materials for retailers' branded products.
you are required to be a certified english cricket board (ecb) approved non-turf pitch system provider, who are able to meet the ecb technical standard ts6 and comply with the ecb code of practice.
Stratchmore Foods, the Scottish frozen food manufacturer, has received accreditation from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) for achieving the distinguished Higher Level in the Technical Standard.

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