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But Adele is not too annoyed - she decided to go tee-total after being caught on camera drunk.
After receiving two silver salvers, certificates and two bottles of champagne, he added: "As I'm tee-total, the staff can share the champagne
It's easy for me to preach the evils of drink and drugs, being tee-total.
Jonny Wilkinson, who had abandoned his normal tee-total stance to party with the princes, looked to have recovered his usual poise and Paul Sackey - arguably England's most-impressive performer over the tournament - was most noticeably in good spirits.
As for the being tee-total, Joel said: "I must be the only none drinking PR in Liverpool.
Although tee-total, Mr Van Kempen allowed wine to be served with meals but spirits were banned at functions.
magazine Lauren revealed she is feeling confident about going tee-total.
A small issue for many, but if you were tee-total, you wouldn't want a cocktail with vodka in it listed as a mocktail.
The event started life in 1882 as a temperance fair at a time when Victorian thinkers and do-gooders across the country chose to extol the virtues of being tee-total.
When she arrived, Mrs Hough found her normally tee-total other half drunk.
It was especially difficult for him to deal with because he was tee-total, his wife added.
With the final chapter of my Great 08 sports challenge back on the horizon, I'm planning on being tee-total tonight - which means I can venture into town without feeling the effects of Liverpool's shocking lack of taxi cabs.