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ACTOR, practice. 1. A plaintiff or complainant. 2. He on whom the burden of proof lies. In actions of replevin both parties are said to be actors. The proctor or advocate in the courts of the civil law, was called actor.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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BEIRUT: A television actor who paused his career to join a pro-regime paramilitary force has appeared in the Old City of Homs, following a withdrawal by rebels last week.
He was named RTS Television Actor of the Year in 1969 and 1970 for his role in spy drama Callan, a show similar in style to The Equalizer.
- A 19-year-old Hudson, Mass., man pleaded not guilty Wednesday to aggravated driving while intoxicated, a charge that stems from an accident in which a friend, a former child television actor, was killed.
Takahiro Tamura, a veteran Japanese movie and television actor, died Tuesday of a stroke, his family said Thursday.
An acclaimed stage, screen and television actor, director and producer, Sinise currently stars as Detective Mac Taylor in CBS's "CSI: New York." His awards include an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for the portrayal of Lt.
Her mother, who later married a successful television actor, kept her true relationship to Cross a secret until June confronted her for the documentary in 1996.
The former television actor from the popular show ER opened his movie on the struggle between anti-Communist Senator Joseph McCarthy and television reporter Edward R.
Film and television actor Jed Allan is best known for the roles that he has played on day-time soap operas such as "Days of Our Lives", "Santa Barbara", "Port Charles", and "General Hospital" (where he currently plays Edward Quartermaine).
Last fall, Miramax Films released "Spy Kids," a movie about two young children who rescue their parents, former spies, from an evil television actor and his cohorts.
"relationship" with a favorite same-sex film or television actor
Poppa John (1981) concerns an out-of-work television actor. Indian Affairs (1992) is a sequel to What I'm Going to Do.