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In London, although Gandhi "had absolutely no opportunity to do any [temperance] work," (16) he did, through his fellow teetotal vegetarians, meet leaders in the British temperance movement. For instance, Gandhi served on the Vegetarian Society's executive committee.
Symbolic Crusade: Status Passage and the American Temperance Movement. Urbana, IL: The University of Illinois Press.
Temperance among brotherhood men came out of the same concerns motivating bourgeois advocates, but, like earlier working-class temperance movements, also derived from their workplace experiences and organizational culture.
This note suggests that the changes in alcohol consumption, which followed the Second Great Awakening (religious revivalism), and the temperance movement explain this exception to the relationship between economic output and demographic indicators.
First, it encouraged and promoted temperance movements within the army.
The shoemakers also present a striking example of the formation of what Kalb calls a "civilizing coalition." The skilled workers and clergymen who led this alliance supported temperance movements celebrating hard work and responsibility; the work ethic was more successfully inculcated by church and union than by employers.
Blocker Jr., American Temperance Movements: Cycles of Reform (Boston, 1989), 33-39, notes a lower per capita consumption by 1840 but feels further research is needed to fully understand the complex patterns, which include such elements as unwitting alcohol consumption through use of patent "medicines" and the gradual shift to beer.
So is the author's argument about broad-ranging temperance movements among the native populace.
Non-Protestant European cultures, on the other hand, even those with high levels of spirit consumption like Poland or Russia, have never supported large, ongoing temperance movements and ideologies.
Blee has uncovered vital information linking the KKK to temperance movements, suffrage efforts, and community organizations.
Religious Revivalism and the Temperance Movements as Keys to Danish and Swedish Folk Cultures.
Gender and the American temperance movement of the nineteenth century.