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Dry season maize from the temperate zone had significantly higher aflatoxin contamination levels compared to rainy season maize (p<0.
There isn't all that much land in the southern temperate zone, and the vast expanses of ocean that surround it moderate the land temperatures.
Long latency in Plasmodium vivax infections in a temperate zone.
Similarity between the aseasonal, humid paramo climate and the mild oceanic climate of the south temperate zone has allowed establishment of these southern elements in the equatorial Andes (Cleef, 1978; Simpson & Todzia, 1990).
In the temperate zone of the northern and southern hemisphere, overall pandemic influenza activity remains sporadic.
Diversity of seasonal adaptations in terrestrial true bugs (Heteroptera) from the temperate zone.
One summer can be very hot and another wet, that's normal in a temperate zone.
The same literature that says they are sub-tropical plants, and not hardy for the north temperate zone, also says they rarely set seed.
Eden's second bubble-shaped biome is the warm temperate zone representing the climate of the Mediterranean, Southern Africa and California.
The third--or roofless--biome is the temperate zone which thrives on the climatic advantages that Cornwall has to offer.
l The second biome is the 35m-high warm temperate zone which contains plants from the Mediterranean, Southern Africa and California.