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0) for the New World, temperate region--all relative to the Old World, temperate region (reference).
Although the relationship between malaria and meteorological variables has been assessed in many regions, including Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia, few studies have been conducted and little is known about the impact of climate variation on malaria in temperate regions (Bi et al.
With regard to power distance, temperate regions showed greater scores than colder-than-temperate and hotter-than-temperate regions.
is one of the major and oldest cultivated fruit trees in the temperate regions, which is likely to have originated during the Tertiary period (65 million years ago) in southwestern China.
Pogue and Schaefer (2007) revised selected Lymantria species of subtropical and temperate regions of Asia, with 3 new species.
There are around 430 species spread throughout the northern temperate regions of the globe.
The inter-mountain region in the Western United States has a very unique climate that can be much more difficult to work with than the typically temperate regions elsewhere.
The disease is endemic to rural farming areas in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, but also in some temperate regions of China and Japan; it peaks in summer and fall.
A review of articles published in the past 70 years that mentioned seasonality and staph infections found an increase in such infections during summer and autumn in many temperate regions of the world and during the warmest months in tropical regions.
The other three scenarios found that afforestation in the tropics was three times more efficient at "avoided warming" than in northerly latitudes and temperate regions.
Elaphoglossum (Dryopteridaceae) is a large fern genus of some 600 species widely distributed in the tropics, especially in the New World, with a few species reaching temperate regions (Rouhan et al.
Trees in temperate regions evolved to need a chilly period so they can grow in the spring.