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TEMPORARY. That which is to last for a limited time; as, a temporary statute, or one which is limited in its operation for a particular period of time after its enactment the opposite of perpetual.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A sizable number of individuals fulfill the key characteristics of a temporary worker.
Effective dates: The temporary regulations are effective on Jan.
[O]nce the lender is aware that there is an escrow being held until a final certificate of occupancy is issued by the municipality, the lender has an obligation to insure that the final certificate of occupancy is issued or, in the City of New York, that the temporary certificate of occupancy is extended until the final certificate of occupancy is issued.
"My proposal expects that most temporary workers will eventually return permanently to their home countries when the period of work that I will be negotiating with Congress has expired," explained the president in Monterrey.
Have someone available who can answer simple questions while the temporary remains on assignment.
* It is initially expected to last for one year or less, but at some later date it becomes apparent the work will exceed one year (the work is temporary only until the date of the changed expectation).
The temporary help industry comprises temporary help supply firms and the people working in temporary jobs.
The increase in temporary work is overwhelmingly caused by downsizing, global competition and rapidly changing technology.
On April 27, the CBS Evening News, in its "Eye on America" segment, profiled a pregnant woman who worked at four temporary jobs.
Thus, TEI believes that the temporary and proposed regulations represent a solid cornerstone upon which comprehensive guidance on the tax treatment of hedges and derivative financial products can be erected.
The temporary regulations depart from the strict step-into-the-shoes principles mandated by Notice 2000-4, and impose what could be considerable complexity in computing depreciation following a like-kind exchange or an involuntary conversion.
"We need to know not only the position we're hiring for, but the kind of culture the temporary will be operating in.

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